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Devoxx 2017 Schedule

Wednesday, 21st June

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Thursday, 22nd June

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Friday, 23rd June

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What's on Conference Sessions Conference Sessions Conference Sessions
Hands-on Labs Hands-on Labs Hands-on Labs
Quickies Quickies Quickies
BOFs Tools in Action  
Hackergarten Hackergarten  
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The Devoxxians

We're welcoming rock star speakers from around the globe, see the full list here.

Hands-on Labs

Hands-on Labs are 2 or 3 hours long in-depth, hands-on session.

Tools in Action

30 minute sessions with a focus on technical tools and APIs.


Hackergartens are a great place to meet new people, have fun, and improve the lives of developers around the world one patch at a time; provided you're willing to bring your laptop and get your hands dirty. Write a plugin, a tutorial, a small feature, or a bug fix for a project that interests you alongside several open-source experts willing to share their knowledge.


Conference talks are regular 50 minutes sessions.


15 minute sessions during the lunch breaks.


Informal evening sessions of 1 hour. Usually very interactive, full of discussions, kind of Q&A format.