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Concurrency Concepts in Java


java Java Language

Room 1

Wednesday from 11:00 til 11:50

Unlike earlier languages, Java had a well-defined threading and memory model from the beginning. And over the years, Java gained new packages to help solve concurrency problems.

Despite the memory model and standard library, Java concurrency is still subtle and often surprising.

In this talk, you'll learn many of these subtleties and also see some of the changes and additions to come in Java 9 & 10.

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Douglas Hawkins Douglas Hawkins

Douglas Hawkins has been passionately developing software for the past 10 years -- creating applications for bioinformatics, finance, and retail.

But Doug's true interest has always been VM internals. Now a VM engineer at Azul Systems, he works on Azul's Zing VM full-time and is the lead developer of Azul's ReadyNow technology.