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Ratpack  - Future<Server.HTTP<Java>>


ssj Server Side Java

Room 4 (Grand Parade)

Thursday from 15:50 til 16:40

Have you ever heard of non blocking web servers?  Have you  tried it in Java? Curious?

Let me show you how to write simple HTTP Rest Server using Ratpack library. Yes library - because it is not another vast framework.  Just a small tool for big things! I will show how non blocking architecture works - and yes one thread can handle thousands of simultaneous HTTP connections in Java. We will see why using more threads on server is not the best option every time - and we will try to find the sweet spot for performance. We will deal with topics such as:  REST, WebSockets, persistence (with and without SQL databases), asynchronous IO, blocking IO,  RxJava 2.0, JavaSlang, immutability and more.

And yes - there will be mondas, a lot of them, you are going to love them. They are terrific.

All that on a  working example of a simple  web based multiplayer game.

 non-blocking    Functional Java    Http REST    CompletableFuture  
Jarek Ratajski Jarek Ratajski

Jarek Ratajski - Java Developer since 1999

I love programming since my first line of code I did on the C64 in Basic. Somewhere in 90ties I've switched from C++ to java and spent then 16 Years developing JavaEE software working for various companies and projects.  Now I work for CSS Versicherung in Luzern being Java developer during the days and Scala/ScalaJS hacker at nights.