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Catch me... if you can!


java Java Language

Room 4 (Grand Parade)

Friday from 12:30 til 12:45

This story is inspired by facts about a popular American actor, and his famous roundhouse kicks. They say that while coding in Java, he throws exceptions that cannot be caught. Let's learn something interesting about JVM internals by implementing such an uncatchable exception! And by the way... don't try this in production.

 JVM    Exceptions    anti-patterns    fun  
Tomasz Jędrzejewski Tomasz Jędrzejewski

Tomasz is a Java software engineer with 5-year experience in building automated testing environments of large-scale distributed systems, and designing tools, frameworks and libraries for that purpose. He's a passionate of Java and OOP and shares his passion with others by leading trainings and workshops in his company. When he does not code, he enjoys taking a rucksack, and having a long walk... a couple of hundreds of kilometers long walk.