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Cloud Native Architecture Patterns

Hands-on Labs

cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Room 6

Thursday from 13:20 til 16:20

As a software architect, confronting the cloud can feel quite daunting. We are confronted with an onslaught of provider choices and technology hype. Is there any way to cut through it all? Fortunately there is a way forward. There are clear architectural concepts and patterns that we can use as guideposts on our journey to the cloud, and this tutorial will show you the way.

In this hands-on lab, we will use examples from Spring and Cloud Foundry to illustrate the patterns. You will need to install some prerequisites on your laptop, which you can find at this URL:

Matt Stine Matt Stine

Matt Stine is a 17 year veteran of the enterprise IT industry, with eight of those years spent as a consulting solutions architect for multiple Fortune 500 companies. He is the author of Migrating to Cloud-Native Application Architectures from O’Reilly, and the host of the Software Architecture Radio podcast. He is currently the product owner for Spring at Pivotal, and spends much of his time driving an active feedback loop between the Spring R&D organization and customers developing cloud-native application architectures.