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The Art of Web API Design


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Room 4

Thursday from 5:20 PM til 6:10 PM

Web applications don't talk with front-end and database only anymore. They increasingly often talk with each other. In order not to get crazy in this communication mess, it’s good to take a look at many aspects of creating web API. We will answer the "why", "what" and "how" questions to begin with. We will meet the three wizards: Morville, Fielding and Richardson. We will play with resources, behavior, relations, parameters, headers, collections, versioning, errors, security, throttling, cache, HATEOAS, management performance, health and business. There will be a bunch of tips on how to make consumers of our API happy. Warning: may contain traces of snakes and camels.

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Paweł Zajączkowski Paweł Zajączkowski

Software craftsman coding professionally since 2009. Worked for Finnish telecom, German logistics and travel, Swiss bank, Swedish car factory and Polish software house. Interested in books, Aikido, gaming, psychology and Lego. Since 2014 writes about software, peopleware, dragons and random thoughts on HowToTrainYourJava.com