GQS-2698 Hystrix is dead, now what? ☠ | Devoxx

Devoxx Poland 2019
from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June 2019.

   Hystrix is dead, now what? ☠


Server Side Java
Server Side Java
Intermediate level
Room 2 Wednesday from 12:30 til 12:45

A resilient “system stays responsive in the face of failure. This applies not only to highly-available, mission-critical systems — any system that is not resilient will be unresponsive after a failure. (...) The client of a component is not burdened with handling its failures.” — The Reactive Manifesto.

Hystrix, a Java library from Netflix OOS, is aimed at microservices or distributed systems in general. This library implements the circuit breaker pattern but also helps handle latency and concurrency issues in other ways. However, it was created 6 years ago and now the development stage is over...

During this talk I will will introduce you to a lightweight Hystrix alternative (or even successor) to be used in fault tolerance assurance. Resilience4j has been designed in the spirit of Java8+ and functional programming. It also provides seamless support for many popular network libraries. By the end of the presentation you will know more about bulkhead, rate limiter, circuit breaker, retry, fallback and other important patterns and tools for developers wary of fallacies of distributed computing.

Service resiliency   Distributed Systems   Functional Java   HTTP  
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Tomasz Skowroński
Tomasz Skowroński
From Clurgo

Software engineer with n+ years of experience in a wide variety of systems (from mobile to financial). Java Virtual Machine languages enthusiast, and the Application Programming Interfaces explorer and traveller. A friend of penguins, bots, and androids. Allergic to JavaBeans, but addicted to good coffee beans and clean code. Gamer and a user of podcasts and city bikes.

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