XNW-5755 Boot Your Stack | Devoxx

Devoxx Poland 2019
from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June 2019.

   Boot Your Stack

Hands-on Lab

Modern Web
Modern Web
Intermediate level

The moden software is required to be available, scalable, rapidly evolving, continuously deployed and all the good stuff that gives the business and edge over competitors, which gave birth to the microservices architecture, around it a huge ecosystem continuously growing!

In this HOL we'll show you how to build a scalable microservices application using Spring Boot which makes coding cloud native applications a breeze. After Defining our services, we'll look at our cloud core components: Zuul and Eureka from Netflix OSS, Spring Cloud Config and Spring boot admin. We'll also make a small React Application that makes use of the application's API, and while we're at it we'll secure the application by adding an Authentication and Authorisation service backed with OAuth 2. To monitor our services, we'll make use of elastic stack, you just can't say no to some pretty Dashboards that tell a story about all of the logs! And to finish things off, we'll deploy the whole thing on containers using Docker and orchestrate them using Kubernates

Cloud Native Java   Docker   Kubernetes   Spring Boot  
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Amine Hakkou
Amine Hakkou
From xHub

Amine is a passionate developer, lifelong learner, OSS believer, FP lover, speaks in various meetups on Java, Scala, React, Docker and Kubernetes

Mohammed Aboullaite
Mohammed Aboullaite
From xhub

Mohammed is a community catalyst, a true open source believer and has contributed to various open source projects. He currently works at Xhub, a DevOps software company as Deputy CTO.

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